who we are

At Manyasoft, we blend proven technical proficiency with business acumen to offer an ample suite of Web-based services / solutions and bespoke applications which will augment your present business models, help achieve business goals and guarantee a fast return on investment. We are directed towards providing vastly scalable business along with pioneering approaches & cutting-edge methodologies. We offer a wide spectrum of inventive e-business services and solutions designed to empower companies across the globe.

Our Process

Planning : Outstanding design and development begins from understanding the requirements. We ask questions and listen so as to comprehend your goals, image, target users, project considerations and desired outcomes.
We will outline the design problems and develop strategies to resolve them effectually and notably. We produce wireframes or mock ups that map the customer experience so as to address and quell any difficulties that could interrupt development.

Designing : Now we initiate to employ the creativity that is necessary to begin developing intensive design routes. Staple choices about type size, layout and colour palettes are tested using many innovative ideas to ascertain what works best for communicating your goals.
Designing phase is a collaborative course that will involve discussions with you in order to decide on a final design for your web project.

Building : Once the website’s design is finalized, the next step is development. It is during this phase where a working system looking exactly like the agreed design, is developed with semantic, clean code, which is in accordance to the W3C standards.
Next step is deployment of your website to a staging environment. There we will meticulously test the functionality and sort out bugs, if any, before passing on the site to you. You can then go ahead with user testing and give us feedback.

Launching : At this stage, content will be required for your site. Our team will work with you and make certain that you get the best service as far as using and populating your new website is concerned.
After that, we will deploy your website to the hosting server and conduct a check for final pre-launch.
Once launched Manyasoft will assist you in troubleshooting any queries you might have about your website and its performance.

Growing : Even after your project with us is complete, we would love to continue our association with you. We can deliver many other post-launch services ranging from monthly performance reports to search engine optimisation and from mobile site enhancements to social media marketing in order to aid in growth of your site.